4 Common Mistakes Home Sellers Often Make in Rockledge

You probably don’t make large transactions such as buying or selling property very often, so you may not have much experience to go off of when making decisions that could potentially be life-changing.

Although incurring mistakes can be pricey, many still occur. Below are 4 of the most common mistakes that homeowners make when selling their home in Rockledge along with tips to avoid falling into the same traps.

1. Setting The Wrong Selling Price

Picking the best price to list your home on the market is tricky. Several factors such as real estate market conditions & interest rates can greatly impact this decision. You might experience a longer than average time on the market or even foreclosure if you make an error and overprice your home. Comprehensive research goes into formulating the right asking price for your home- you don’t want to lowball and make significantly less profit than others in your situation. However, with House Beagle professional buyers by your side, you can be rest assured that we will explore every detail and angle to help ensure that you make a significant profit from your selling options.

2. Inspections, Inspections, Inspections

Although some home sellers think their house is good to go as-is, it’s smart to get a pre-inspection, especially if you’re not selling a newly built home. This inspection will reveal any potential issues, like radon poisoning​, that could occur during the sale process. If you don’t have a pre-inspection, it’s probable that repairs will be needed after the buyer’s inspection, and they may back out of the deal. This scenario happens often and is costly in terms of time and money.

Working with a professional home buyer like House Beagle in Rockledge means no pre-inspection or final inspection is necessary. House Beagle will make you an as-is offer on your house, which means no inspection and no repairs are needed.

3. Under Or Over Prepping

Home sellers who do not have ample experience often make one of two mistakes. The first mistake is failing to prepare their property sufficiently in order to save time or money. Yet, making mere cosmetic changes such as painting the walls or getting new carpeting can really help a house sell faster. These are usually neglected, though. On the other hand, some sellers tend to raise prices too high by remodeling kitchens or bathrooms and consequently never get back what they invested through the final sale of the home..

A professional home buyer that offers a direct sale, such as House Beagle, is not very concerned about the prep work. They will make you an offer for your home as-is and do the work for you.

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4. Emotions That Cause Bad Decisions

A homeowner’s home always has sentimental value to them, because it holds all the memories of the past. However, new buyers don’t see that same value- they only see what is physically there. Keep in mind that the sentimental value you feel towards your home is not always accurate to its market value. This can lead to feelings of frustration and anger when buyers offer a lower price than what you were expecting, because they are basing their decision off of market research rather than personal attachment. At House Beagle, we give you a market-driven offer that is reasonable and then compare it with other selling options. Afterward, we back off to give you time to decide what seems right for you.Don’t make the same mistakes home sellers often make in Rockledge; let the honest professionals at House Beagle help you make the best choice for your situation instead. Contact House Beagle at 321-549-8686.

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